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What Is a Weatherproof Windshield

When you think of a weatherproof windshield, you may automatically think of it as a specialized glass you can have installed on your vehicle. Sadly, this is not the case. But there’s good news: any windshield can be converted into a weatherproof one, since weatherproofing refers to the process involved in protecting your vehicle from damage due to inclement weather.

Replacing Wiper Blades

The average wiper blades are only built to last six months to a year when in use. Of course, this time is also dependent on weather conditions and the amount of usage. Switching them with more durable wiper blades can help protect your windshield.

Using Repellants and Defrosters

Both of these products offer protection and increase visibility when operating your vehicle. Repellants help deflect water and defrosters prevent frost from gathering on car windows. This prevents water from pooling at the bottom and loosening the sealant.

Repair Chips and Cracks

Inevitably, an object can cause a chip or a crack. It is important to inspect your windshield for these, and if there are any, get them filled or sanded by a professional. Leaving these unattended can cause a crack in extreme heat or cold.
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