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The Importance of Windshield Replacement

It’s tempting to look at small cracks in your vehicle’s windshield as minor annoyances that aren’t worth the time to fix them. However, cracked windshields can pose great hazards. Here are some important reasons to replace your windshield as soon as possible:

Poor Visibility

Damaged windshields can impede your ability to see the road, especially if a crack has turned into a spiderweb crack, which makes the damaged area almost impossible to see through. Even slight cracks in the glass can be a distraction for the driver.​

Crash Hazards

Cracked windshields are weak windshields and may not be able to stand the sudden shock of a vehicle accident. Damaged windshields can cause the following calamities: 
  • They cannot protect occupants from injury.
  • They can shatter and cause the roof to cave in.
  • Air bags will not deploy correctly.
In addition, a windshield that shatters cannot prevent passengers from being thrown from their vehicle during a crash.
Driving with a damaged windshield, even if it seems like a minor inconvenience, isn’t worth the risk to you or your family. To get started with windshield replacement, contact Fort Worth Auto Glass Center today.