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The Benefits of OEM Glass

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer.” It is a great type of replacement glass to get for your broken windshield. Several advantages stand to be gained. 

Perfect Fit

Above all else, you can be confident that your OEM glass is going to fit perfectly within your vehicle. Since it comes directly from the manufacturer, it is built with your vehicle’s model and specs in mind. 

Improved Appearance

OEM glass also looks exactly like your old windshield, so it is not going to hamper the aesthetics of your vehicle. Your car will look as good as new after the replacement is put in. 

Same Features

If your old windshield glass came with any features such as anti-leaking capabilities, then you can be confident your new glass will come with the same aspects. You can also be confident your new glass will be just as thick if not thicker than your old windshield for added protection.

Noise Reduction

Due to the perfect fitting, there is less likelihood that an excessive amount of noise will be able to enter your vehicle. This allows you to enjoy your drives in peace.
Do not settle for any old aftermarket windshield replacement when there are a number of OEM manufacturers available. Call Fort Worth Auto Glass Center at 817-335-9005 to find an auto glass company that can assist you.