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Benefits of Laminated Safety Glass for Your Heavy Equipment

Whether you are working with construction machines or farm equipment, it's important to take safety precautions to protect the vehicles and people in the event of an accident. There are several benefits to installing laminated safety glass in your heavy equipment.
•    Security - Laminated safety glass is more resistant to breakage than standard glass. This means that your equipment's windshields and windows are less likely to shatter after impact with debris, rocks or other common hazards. Safety glass can even be give bulletproof capabilities, and it also offers extra protection against noise and UV rays.
•    Safety - No matter how strong glass is, there are some situations that will still cause it to break. In these cases, it's important that the glass shatters in the safest possible way so sharp glass shards don't cause more damage. Laminated safety glass prevents uncontrolled shattering and dangerous broken glass pieces. The laminate ensures the glass shards remain adhered to the interior layers.
There is a large amount glass incorporated into many types of heavy machinery. Investing in laminated safety glass offers additional security by reducing the chance that impact from debris will be strong enough to break the glass. In the event the glass does break, the laminate also prevents dangerous glass shards from flying around causing injury. Instead, the glass pieces remain bonded together increasing safety and ease of replacement. To learn more about laminated safety glass, call Fort Worth Auto Glass Center at 817-335-9005.