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4 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Auto Glass

Your car is an investment, so you need to make sure you're treating it as such. From preventive maintenance to driving with care, your actions will keep your vehicle in better condition. And in all of your efforts, you need to make sure you aren't overlooking your windows.

There are some common, yet harmful, habits people engage in every day that shorten the lifespan of their glass and lead to greater repair and safety concerns. Make sure you aren't engaging in the following four practices.

1. Incorrectly Removing Decals

It seemed like a great idea when you first put that sticker on your window a few years ago. But now you're trying to sell the car or have simply grown tired of the sticker, so it's time to remove it. Make sure you aren't pulling out a razor, box cutter or even a key to perform this task. Glass is durable, but it's often no match for the rigidness and sharpness of these objects.

You might be successful at removing the decal or sticker, but you will also leave behind scratches. Water is a safe and effective option. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and saturate the decal. This step will loosen the adhesive, and you should eventually be able to peel it away easily. 

2. Relying on DIY Auto Tint

You have probably seen an online tutorial for tinting your own windows, and it probably seemed like a great option. However, remember that cost savings up front doesn't always mean cost savings in the end, as DIY auto tint can lead to glass damage.

A major concern with this practice is the risk of choosing the wrong type of tint film, as film needs to be selected based on the type of glass it will be used on. Should you select an option that is not compatible with your auto glass, this could cause stress damage. Stress is often the precursor to a crack. Always rely on a professional for your tint needs.

3. Exercising Poor Cleaning Practices

Given the Texas heat, it's not always a joy to stand outside and wash your car, but you need to make sure you're taking the time to do it right. When cleaning your windows, put down the sponge or towel that you used on the rest of the vehicle.

Sponges and towels have rough spots that are rigid enough to scratch auto glass, and if you're using these objects after you've wiped down the rest of your car, there is a good chance there is embedded sand or gravel that will further etch the glass. The safest solution is to use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the glass. You can find several different types of these clothes designed specifically for use on glass. 

4. Delaying Wiper Blade Replacement

Windshield wiper blades do have a lifespan, and most drivers will need to replace their wiper blades about once every year. If you're not doing this, you're putting your safety at risk. During heavy rains, worn blades won't sufficiently clean the windshield, which can obstruct your view. Worn blades also damage the glass.

As the outer layer of the blade wears away, its metal or plastic parts are exposed. As the blades travel from side-to-side, they leave behind tiny scratches along the way. When it comes to auto glass, it's important to understand that even a tiny scratch jeopardizes the integrity of the glass.

Don't make the mistake of engaging in any of these unsafe practices. Instead, in the event you have any questions or need auto glass repair services, the team at Fort Worth Auto Glass Center is here to meet your needs.